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Busy Mom? Here’s some tips to keep you Organized!

Too much to do? Not enough time?

Challenge #1-2

“The housework never seems to get finished, and I feel as if I spend half my day chauffeuring kids around,”

“The baby’s naps are constantly interrupted, and I barely have any time alone with my husband. If only I were a little better organized, my life would be a lot less hectic.”

Keep a detailed diary of exactly how you use your time. At the end of two weeks, review the logs, identify the top time-management challenges. Some examples are below.

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Stop racing around.

The problem: Kids are whirlwind of activity.

School Drop off and picks ups. After school school activities and racing out to the store to buy one thing or another. Another child maybe not even in school yet who gets to go along for the ride and often misses or has late naps – which leads to cranky babies.

The solution:

Reduce time in the car. Set up car pools for school and activities. Limit carpooling to one or two days, and to arrange for someone to watch the little one if nap times falls in the time frame of running around on driving days; so they can stick to their naps.

To help feel more in control, I recommended keeping track of activities on a calendar — as well as establishing an after-school routine.

To cut down on errand time, by maintaining a computerized checklist of groceries and other necessities, and keeping a printout handy. That way you can mark off things you need, and can take the list with you when you go shopping,

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Streamline housework.

The problem: Spending hours and hours a week cleaning, but the house is still a mess?

The solution:

let the voice mail pick up calls while cleaning to help maintain momentum; and make daily tasks go more quickly. Use comforters instead of blankets (to make beds more quickly) and keep cleanser and sponges in each bathroom (to do quick scrubdowns), so cleaning up wouldn’t seem like such a monumental task.

To get rid of kitchen clutter, for example, clear counters of anything you don’t use at least once a day. Also, clear out drawers and closets of outgrown clothing. Don’t do everything at once, break down the work into a task or a time frame. For instance, clean one closet every week until it’s done.

Challenge #3-4

Reduce kitchen chaos.

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The problem: Start thinking about dinner until 5:30 or 6 p.m.? Never knowing what to serve, and often not having the ingredients needed? As a result, the family frequently doesn’t eat until 7 or later. Feeling as if you’re in the kitchen all the time, either preparing the meals or cleaning them up.

The solution:

Make a weekly meal plan every Sunday and check off the ingredients need on your grocery list. To ensure that evenings feel more leisurely, and you spent less time in the kitchen.

also use kitchen time more efficiently. Instead of spending 20 minutes here and there, stay in the kitchen for longer periods. Rather than leaving the kitchen after a meal and coming back later to clean up, prepare meals, serve them, and do the dishes right way.

It also would help to consolidate food prep — chop enough vegetables for salad one night and stir-fry the next, or double recipes and freeze a meal for later in the week. Prepare school lunches while getting dinner ready.

Find time to unwind.

The problem: Kids not hitting their targeted 8 p.m. bedtime? Often giving you only 15 minutes alone with yourself and your significant other.

The solution:

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Maintain strict bedtimes: No exceptions. Fortunately, the earlier dinner hour and a solid after school routine will make this possible.

Even by incorporating just a few of the suggestions into the family routine, will help you regain the feeling control of your time.

It’s amazing!! Getting things even a little organized makes you want to get even more organized!

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for more suggestions or to schedule a consult, contact us and see how we can help you take back your time!

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