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Find Focus: Growth starts with you

Man vs. Nature' ... 'Man vs Self'

The COVID Pandemic, what I would be so bold as to offer - has given us this 'Man vs Nature' conundrum to ponder. As a virus is in fact something of nature.

Additionally I would say it has also brought us to the front line of battle, in the 'Man vs Self' conflict. The psychological impact of what has transpired over the last year or so - well - its staggering.

The prominent sense of things, is that we have no control over what's going on around us, have had little to no control on what we can do, who we can see, etc... that lack of control and understanding is caused by first the Pandemic itself. Then add in the mental aspect of things and you find yourself almost suffocating. Battling with yourself, now more than you ever have before.

Uncertainty has become a main theme - not just A THEME - both in our own personal lives, but as humans on this big ball floating through space. I find even in my own life, I have had to analyze and focus on what we can control.

Things we CAN control:

  • How you Think

  • How you Act

  • How you React

  • How you Choose to Feel

All of these things, begin within you and your own mental awareness. You have to strengthen that which is your resolve. Call it grit, or resilience, the long and short is, in order to face that which challenges us, requires mental toughness. This is such with all great changes.

Adaptation, is the key. Not only to accept it, but find some kind of joy in it. To be able to be happy in the moments we find and to move forward with optimism and to stay focused on what drives us. Even if that focus has changed.

If you ever need any help finding that focus, starting at the beginning and building a better you, reach out to Strategize, Organize, Simplify - see how we can help.

Written By: Sarah McNeeley

Owner & Operator of Strategize, Organize, Simplify

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