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Strategies for Simple Redecorating & Organizing

So, redecorating and reorganizing can be overwhelming. You may start out excited but then quickly realize you have no idea how to make the space work better; and then the logistics start to stress you out. Ultimately you decide the room works just as well as it is and scrap the idea as a whole.

We’re here to offer some strategies and suggestions that will simplify the process and help you tackle that room. Thus feeling accomplished and excited about your new and improved organized space!


1. Geometry


Creating the illusion of order out of disorder. A very simply strategy to kick-start your journey to spatial discovery, is arranging things geometrically. That will create not only a nice decorative space, but will help bring the entire room together. So, take a look at those nic-nacks strewn around the house, find a home for them on one wall or one shelf or one place in general. An good example would be picture frames, different shapes and sizes and even colors; if you’re feeling frisky. Make a fun perfectly abstract or geometrical collage on the wall. Whatever your fancy is.


For this particular tip, it’s best in closets or storage spaces. This practice will make it easier to find what your looking for, and then allow you to dive even deeper and not only organize by color, but then by type of garment within that color. The organizing possibilities are endless!!! This one gets me very excited. When it come to your cupboards or pantry, the same principle can apply and allow for easy access to all those things you are always forgetting you have.

3. Swapping


3. Mirrors


4. Accent Walls


Maybe you don’t want to take on a full room painting project; paint one wall instead. Even simpler, paint a small nook for a splash of mighty and aesthetically pleasing infusion of color. Maybe even the interior of an old (inoperable) fireplace or the shelves of your bookcase.

5. Furniture Rearranging


Often the simplest way to refresh your space is to just move a few things around. Try your bed against the opposite wall, or perhaps put your bookcase in a different corner. You’ll be amazed at how different things feel when you just shake up the normal order you’ve become accustomed to.

6. Stacking

This one relates to only things that can I’m fact be stacked; like too many books and


All in all the project you this is overwhelming is really just smaller projects under one umbrella. Take you time, don’t stress. Move some things around and see what feels beat. If it keeps getting out of hand on you, call us and we’ll get you straightened out!

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