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Tips to stay Focused and 'On Track'


Make it a monthly ritual.

Write down what your priorities are for that month. I like to classify each priority in either Self, Family and/or Business. Self needs to be first. If you are not a priority to yourself, how can you be successful in any other facet of life?

"Self" should cover spiritual, physical, emotional and mental.


Make a Schedule, and STICK TO IT!

You don't have to schedule every minute or every day. But fill in the priorities, and work around them. Make sure to pick ONE way to keep track of your schedule, that way you are more likely to stick to the schedule. In the beginning, I wrote down EVERYTHING, all the way to brushing my teeth at night. It also gives you a good look at how you spend your time, and where you can improve on efficiency. Might just even find some time just laying around; add some extra self care.


Stay on task and avoid distractions. Finish what you start. Stay focused on one thing and only one thing at a time. Life will always get in the way of this. A way that helps me stay on track is similar to working out. I don't stop in the middle of a work out, because the only person that it effects is me. If I don't finish I am the only one who won't get the results I want. That thought reminds me to finish what I start. Find what yours is.


Acknowledge that you want your day to start off well. I like to make my bed and make sure I get up early enough to get some cuddle time in with the dogs. Maybe a workout or a hike if I am ambitious enough. Not every day can I do all my favorite things, or have the best mornings even. But I set out to do so, verbally and mentally telling myself; "Todays mine, let's make it a good one".

It's not always easy to accomplish everything we need and want too. You don't always have to do it yourself. Delegate when you can, get help when you need it. Focus on what you CAN do and decide the best ways to accomplish those things that you either simply can't or don't have the time for.

Strategize. Organize. Simplify is always here to help!

Written By: Sarah McNeeley

Owner & Operator of Strategize, Organize, Simplify

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