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Why Home Staging?!

Essentially, Home Staging is ESSENTIAL!

Looking to get not only Top Dollar for your home...But also find the Perfect Buyer?

One who is so in love that they will - for sure, make it all the way to the close of escrow without a second thought!

The idea of 'Home Staging' is basically someone coming into your home and giving it a makeover. Making it more appealing to buyers so they can see their future inside those walls. Most of us love our home and how we've created the perfect estetic for US.

However, buyers need to be able to see the potential and a clean slate for their own perfect home.

Hiring a professional is always a good idea, because we are certified and trained on what works well in which what type of property. All this varies from home to home and even from neighborhood to neighborhood. It can be hard to navigate the estetic other people are looking for in any given neighborhood or home. So hiring a professional takes out the guesswork in this process and can help sell your home not only quicker, but more often than not, at a higher selling price.

Home Staging allows your home to stand out from the rest!

Some neighborhoods are saturated with homes for sale, while others are rare and hard to find. No matter where you stand in this equation, home staging will allow for that emotional connection you are looking for by creating an environment for any vision by any potential buyer.

Here at SOS we like to set ourselves apart from the rest.

We also offer our Home Organizing Services and Moving Concierge Services at discounted rates when bundled with Home Staging. Keeping the costs low and creating an organized move all the way to the unpacking process.

Reach out today and see how we can Strategize, Organize & Simplify your home selling process!


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