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The Crusade

Realistically, based on surveys and statistics that may or may not be exaggerated; a far larger number of the population have no idea how money works and furthermore have no one to guide and teach them.

The ratio, however exaggerated you might think; can be portrayed as the 1/10 or the more commonly known the 1%. 

That’s not to say that people don’t know how money works as in spending money and making money. Some even have their small investments and even a savings plan.

(which if you look at the logistics of a ‘savings account’ compared to alternative methods of saving - it’s insane anyone would stick with a basic savings at all.)

The reality of it is that MOST people are unaware of what’s available to them, to everyone. Not just the 1% or those with MORE money or MORE status or MORE than the average person in any way.

The goal here is to educate the other 99% what is being taught to that 1%. To turn that ratio from 1/10 to 5/10 or even better 10/10!!

Teaching you how to save and how to spend. Teaching you where to potentially get higher rates of return, minimize taxes and minimizing losses when you invest.

Just because you’re not rich, and even if you’re ‘poor’ - Nothing can stop the power of knowledge and implementation of said knowledge.

Nothing rings more true then that old turn-a-phrase, ‘Knowledge is Power’.

You have the ability to set not only yourself, but your family and those around you that you care about - for a better future. Not just financial stability, but financial freedom.

Let me show you how.