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Simplify Your Business and Personal Google Accounts

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

It’s not uncommon for people to have more than one email.

Also it’ not uncommon for a household to share a computer

Discover an easy way to simplify your life when working with more than one account.

Rather than logging in and logging out, create specific chrome icons on your computer, in order to easily maneuver between accounts.  

Step 1.

First, open Chrome’s menu—the icon with three horizontal lines in the upper right-hand corner—and open the Settings option.

gmail settings screenshot

Step 2. Scroll down to  “People” section.

  1. Click “Add Person”

add new user gmail
  1. Choose Icon (Or it will be your profile picture for your email)

  2. Check if you would like to create a desktop shortcut icon for the profile

  3. Hit “Create” button.

gmail create user screenshot

After completing these steps you will have an additional Chrome icon on your desktop.  Now you can customize what bookmarks, accounts and extensions are saved for each of your different accounts.

Taking the time to set up something as simple as the Chrome Accounts on your computer, can save you time you didn’t even know you were wasting.  This will allow you to freely jump between business and personal without having to login and logout.  No matter how quick you are on the keyboard, time is something that all things take.  

Setting things up in your life ‘Methods of madness’ as it were, is one of the ways to keep your productivity in life up in all aspects.  

They don’t have you drive on the ungraded, unpaved, and unasphalted road do they?

You can apply that same concept to life, and create your very own smooth road to travel on!

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